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Donation to the Less Privileged and Orphans at Kasoa

The first presentation from Jackie&Dentaah Love Foundation was in Kasoa, Central Region of Ghana. Kasoa is 20 miles way from the Kotoka international Airport in Ghana. This was done on the 10th of December 2016. A donation of a 5 kilos bag of rice, 1 litre cooking oil and some fruit juice were given to 5 orphans and 5 less privileged in Kasoa, . According to a report of Joy online, which is one of the most credible news website in Ghana Kasao is one of the fastest growing communities as people spread from the Greater Accra region. The dramatic increase in population has made Kasoa to have issues with Infrastructure, roads and housing. This dramatic growth has also led into reduction of farm land and shortages of food are common as results of the continual growth of the population. This has made Kasoa to become one of the most deprived areas in Ghana.  Therefore Jackie &Dentaah Love Foundation decided to start its first donation at Kasao to bring some relief to the less privileged people and orphans.

Picture of less privileged at Kasoa

Less privileged at Kasoa

Jackie & Dentaah Love Foundation intend to continue to help and support these people with their basic needs as well less privileged and poorest people across the regions in Ghana.

Jackie & Dentaah hopes on your support and donations to be able to give the orphans and the less privileged in Ghana a better lives.

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