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Organization Profile

Jackie & Dentaah Love Foundation is a registered charity organization in Ghana that aims to support the need of creating certainty for orphans and less privileged persons. The foundation also intends to support the under-privileged youth and adults to learn some vocational training and cover their basic needs such as food, water and shelter. Moreover, we would wish to provide them with clothes, shoes and primary health care.

J&D Love foundation was founded in December 2016. Our aims and goals are as follows:


Vision Statement: 

  1. To be the foundation that supports and inspires hope in orphans and under-privileged persons.

  2. To be a centre of hope for all under-privileged persons in Ghana and across West-Africa by creating a sense of stability for them whilst working in collaboration with medical doctors, organizations, grant partners and cooperation’s in order to bring about desired change in people’s lives and the society. 


Mission Statement:

Jackie & Dentaah Love Foundation aims to provide help and support to less privileged persons and orphans with their elementary needs such as food and water and health care. Furthermore, our mission is in accordance with the following global sustainable development goals such as:

  1. Reducing risky activities carried out by the less privileged children especially in Ghana, Africa where less privileged and orphans are most likely to be found selling, begging and chasing cars on busy roads or even on highways to enable them take care of themselves and families.

  2. Supporting under-privileged people with some form of education such as primary or vocational studies to enable them to become less dependent and enable them to support themselves to boost the economic capacity of the communities they live in.

  3. To provide health care for the less privileged and orphans such as registering them on the National Health Insurance since normally they cannot afford the registration fees. Also, we would like to make provision of basic health care that may include first aid kit, sanitary products and health screening programmes due to rough sleeping and lack of general hygiene.

  4. To inspire under-privileged children and youth to find a new perspective for their lives because education or vocational training is a possible answer for the whole family, the community they live in because knowledge and education is for self-empowerment for us and for the less privileged that experienced conflicts and violence is a question of survival. 

Our foundation philosophy is expressed through these values:

  • Respect for Humanity: We have respect for every human being regardless of their background.

  • Financial Discipline:  We act in honesty and transparent with our sponsors and donors in aspect of money and donations.

  • Professionalism: Our team members have understanding and knowledge to help fulfil the vision and the mission of the foundation.

  • Integrity: Our team members are morally principled in working with the foundation to bring the desired change.

  • Dedication and Honesty: Our team members are committed to the purpose of the foundation and honest about what we do.

  • Hard work: Our team members put great efforts into achieving the mission and objectives of the foundation.   


Why Ghana?  

According to the World Bank data, the numbers of the poorest people living in Africa live on less than $1.25 per day. This number has increased from 411.3 million to 415.8 million in 2011. The forecast also illustrates that extreme poverty growth remains across Africa including 569 million children aged 18 and under. Shockingly, nearly half of the world’s extreme poor are children due to inadequate provision for the children basic needs by their parents. These findings clearly demonstrate the need for an immediate change across Africa therefore we chose Ghana as a starting point since these statistics includes numbers from Ghana too and due to our strong connection with Ghana. Besides we have personal knowledge about the Ghanaian terrain than other parts of Africa.

In 2013, 28.4% of children in Ghana live in poverty than the average population (24.2%) and also almost 3 out of 10 children where the parents have no or only primary education is poor according to UNICEF report on child poverty issued in 2015.  Therefore, Jackie & Dentaah Love Foundation would like to contribute to the bridging the opportunity gap for all and help reduce extreme poverty in Ghana.

Jackie and Dentaah Love Foundation wishes to bring about this change through your support and donations to improve the lives of less privileged and orphans.

Charity registration number : CG076402016

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